Forward mapping of drive position with absolute coordinates (P-AXIS-00460)


Forward mapping of drive position with absolute coordinates


If forward mapping of drive positions is activated with parameter P-AXIS-00436 the mapping is calculated by default relative to the activation position of the axis coupling..

This means that if immediately after the activation of an axis coupling the command positions are requested, the command position according to the mechanical axis position is returned.

With parameter P-AXIS-00460 the axis positions are considered as absolute coordinates. This means the mapping is calculated as if the axes were coupled at position 0 for the master as well as for the slave axes.


At position X=40 mm and X1=50 mm the X1 axis is coupled each with a coupling factor of 1:1 to the X-axis and to itself.

With P-AXIS-00460 not set the returned position for axis X1 on a command position request directly after activation of a coupling is X1 = 50 mm.

With P-AXIS-00460 set the returned axis position fort he X1 axis is X1 = 10 mm.



Data type


Data range

0: Forward mapping relative to activation position (default).

1: Forward mapping with absolute positions.

Axis types

T, R, S


T: ----

R,S: ----

Default value


Drive types



This parameter is only effective for axis couplings that are activated via the HLI.

This parameter is only reasonable for axes that deliver an absolute position.