Probing input for edge banding (P-AXIS-00539)


Probing input for edge banding


By default the same drive input that is used for probing is also used for edge banding. This parameter configures an alternative input for edge banding.

When this parameter has no value assigned or is assigned the value 0, the default behaviour applies.

The admissible range of the parameter depends on the drive type.

This parameter replaces the old setting antr.edge_bending_input_nbr (P-AXIS-00353).



Data type


Data range

0 .. MAX(UNS08)

Axis types

T, R, S


T: ----

R,S: ----

Default value

0 *

Drive types

SERCOS, Profidrive


This parameter is available from CNC-version V3.1.ff onwards.

If the value is assigned a value other than zero for drive types other than SERCOS and Profidrive, an error message (P-ERR-110614) is output and the parameter is set to 0.

If the parameter is assigned an invalid value, an error message (P-ERR-110615) is output, and the parameter is set to 0.

*If P-AXIS-00539 is not specified, the CNC uses the old setting from the parameter P-AXIS-00353 due to backward compatibility.