Measurement travel offset for all measurement types (P-AXIS-00467)


Measurement travel offset for all measurement types


The measurement travel offset defines how much further the axis is allowed to move past the programmed target position if the probe was not yet actuated and the destination point is already reached. This parameter is not effective in measurement mode 3 (see P-CHAN-00057) with optional movement to the destination point!



Data type


Data range

0 ≤ probing_offset ≤ MAX(UNS32)

Axis types

T, R


T: 0.1µm

R: 0.0001°

Default value


Drive types



From Version V2.11.2010.09 the parameter P-AXIS-00467 replaces the parameter P-AXIS-00114. For compatibility reasons, the parameter continues to be available, but it should not be used in new applications because it only has an influence on measurement traverses with measurement type 2 (see P-CHAN-00057).

The influence of P-AXIS-00467 is more general. It can be used for all measurement types P-CHAN-00057 except for type 3 (optional further traverse up to the destination point).