Element name (P-AXIS-00426)


Element name of signal 'Drive is referenced' during reference monitoring


In this parameter enter the name of the element of the cyclic input process data which is used for transmission of the signal 'Drive is referenced' from the drive.

When the set-up value of P-AXIS-00426 is not found within the cyclic process data error message P-ERR-70401 is output.



Data type


Data range

<Empty string>: Reference monitoring is disabled

S-0-0135: When the SERCOS state word is used for transmission of the reference signal, the parameter has to be set to 'S-0-0135'…

<Telegrammelement_Name>: ...otherwise the name of an telegram element configured in the cyclic process data.

Axis types

T, R, S


T: ----

R,S: ----

Default value


Drive types



Reference monitoring is activated by assigning a value to this parameter. When reference monitoring is activated, the parameter P-AXIS-00425 must also be assigned a valid value.

At the moment, this parameter is supported for drive type SERCOS only.

Changing this parameter by a list update is not possible (P-ERR-110550).