List interpretation at start-up of NC kernel

The interpretation of all axis machine data lists is carried out on CNC start-up in a multi step way depending on axis configuration and the internal default setting. Internal default setting of the machine data set can be overwritten by values which results in interpretation of machine data axis list. No modifications are made to elements of internal default setting if values are missing or no necessary change is detected to internal settings after interpretation of the external list.

The external lists are:

The filename of the used default list must be entered in element P-STUP-00035 (default_achs_mds) of the file hochlauf.lis(default_achs_mds). Entries in the default list are identical for all axes.

The sequence of list interpretation is:

  1. Initialisation of all lists with internal default list setting.
  2. Overwriting of default initialisation with default list entries.
  3. Overwriting with entries of the axis-specific list of each axis.

The following figure shows list interpretation structure with two axes:

List interpretation sequence on controller start-up
List interpretation sequence on controller start-up