NC program

The NC channel accesses the external variables by using the write/read instruction to the variable V.E.<name> in the NC program. The variables available in the NC program consist of the prefix V.E. and the name specified in the variable configuration list <name> . V.E. Variables may only consist of 30 characters.

Programing Example


VE variable access in the CNC

N100 $IF V.E.CHANNEL_WR >= 100    (corresp. value of V.E.CHANNEL_WR)

                                  (branched to)

                                  (various cases)

N110 G01 X100 Y100 F1000

N120 $ELSE

N130 G01 X100 YV.E.CHANNEL_WR F1000   (Linear interpolation in)

                                      (Y direction with the value)
                                      (of CHANNEL_WR)


N150 V.E.GLOBAL_SWR = V.A.ABS.X   (The external variable is assigned)

                                  (absolute X coordinates)

N160 G01 XV.E.GLOBAL_SWR          (Straight interpolation in X direction)

                                  (with the value of V.E.GLOBAL_SWR)

Programing Example


VE variable access in the CNC as of Version V2.10.1025.00 and higher

N010 $IF != „“

N020 =

N030   P1 = 0

N040   $WHILE P1 < V.E.trajektorie.nbr_points

N050     $IF V.E.trajektorie.points[P1].valid == TRUE

N060       G0 X = V.E.trajektorie.points[P1].point.x

              Y = V.E.trajektorie.points[P1].point.y

              Z = V.E.trajektorie.points[P1].point.z

N070     $ENDIF

N080     P1 += 1



N110 = „“

N120 M30