Axis offsets (P-TOOL-00006)


Axis offsets


An offset parameter is defined for every tool and for every axis.


wz[i].ax_versatz[j] where j = 0 ... 31
(Maximum number of axes per channel: 32, application-specific)

Data type


Data range

MIN(SGN32) < ax_versatz[j] < MAX(SGN32)


0.1µm or 0.0001 inch

Default value



With active kinematic transformation, tool axis offsets are only considered in the axes which are not affected by the transformation function. Depending on the transformation type, they typically refer to all axes with index > 2 when RTCP is used.

The axis-specific tool offsets of the first three axes (index 0, 1, 2) are not considered when transformation is active. If tool offsets are also to exert an effect on these axes during active transformation, enter the values in the specific kinematic offsets of the tool (P-TOOL-00009).

Parameterisation example: The tool axis offsets are: 205 mm for the first axis, 206 mm for the second, 307 mm for the third and -408 mm for the fourth axis.

wz[5].ax_versatz[0]  2050000 #Offset 1st axis 205 mm

wz[5].ax_versatz[1]  2060000 #Offset 2nd axis 206 mm

wz[5].ax_versatz[2]  3070000 #Offset 3rd axis 307 mm

wz[5].ax_versatz[3] -4080000 #Offset 4th Axis -408 mm