Type 4: Velocity-independent Method



This method is only useful for axes that always use 100% feedforward.


Select this method by setting the parameter P-AXIS-00172 to the value 4.

If an axis is operated with feedforward control, the position lag of this axis is always ~0 at 100% feedforward control.

In this case, the other types of position lag monitoring normally calculate a position lag with a limit that is too high.

In order to monitor feedforward axes, a constant limit is also used with Type 4 for a moved axis.

If the axis is at standstill, the position lag limit value is P-AXIS-00169; if the axis is moving, the position lag limit value is P-AXIS-00168.

The parameter P-AXIS-00488 delays output of the error message when the permitted position lag is exceeded. This reduces the limit for the permitted position lag P-AXIS-00168.

Position lag monitoring - Velocity-independent Method