Type 1: Standard Method


The standard method (type 1) is selected by setting the P-AXIS-00172 parameter to the value 1.

Type 1 uses an estimation filter to calculate the permitted position lag. This can be parameterised with the time constant P-AXIS-00167 of the filter. The permitted position lag is calculated depending on the velocity and lies within the parameterisable range.

The max. permitted position lag is P-AXIS-00168.

The min. permitted position lag P-AXIS-00169 is described here:

A time offset of the permitted position lag can be carried out with P-AXIS-00170:






calculated permitted position lag



current motion velocity



The Standard Method does not consider the actual Kv factor in the max. position lag calculation. After a change in the position controller Kv factor, the monitor must be checked and re-adjusted.

Position lag monitoring - Standard Method
Position lag monitoring - Standard Method



Recommended parameterisation:

P-AXIS-00169 ≥ 5 · ∆sStandstill

∆sStandstill: real position lag at standstill. Even when the axis is at standstill, a remaining position lag ∆sStandstill is present with a P position controller due to the resolution of the encoder and the measuring system.