Limit velocity for delay with spindle tool revolution monitoring (P-AXIS-00788)


Limit velocity for delay with spindle tool revolution monitoring


For spindles, the axis parameters P-AXIS-00549/P-AXIS-00550 can activate a monitor for spindle actual speed against a parameterisable limit. If the limit is exceeded by ten percent, an error ERR-70376 is triggered and the spindle runs out.

At low speeds, it may occur that the 10% limit is undershot. The parameter P-AXIS-00788 can be used to specify a limit speed for the spindle below which the output of the error message is reduced by the time specified in P-AXIS-00787 .

If the actual speed of the spindle is below the limit within the time set in P-AXIS-00787 , no error message is output. An error message is output immediately when the limit speed exceeds the one specified in P-AXIS-00788.

If a value greater than the permissible limit speed is configured in P-AXIS-00788, the warning ERR-110667 is output and P-AXIS-00788 is limited to the permissible maximum value.



Data type


Data range

0 ≤ P-AXIS-00788 ≤ 18000000

Axis types



T: ----

S: 10^-3°/s

Default value


Drive types

SERCOS, Profidrive, CANopen


This parameter is not available under TwinCAT.