Transformation between axis values and Cart. coordinates (P-CHAN-00295)


Transformation between axis values and Cartesian coordinates (Universal Kinematics)


Definition of a matrix and an offset vector to describe a linear transformation between axis values of the linear axes and Cartesian coordinates.

Rotary axes are not included in the calculation. The letters X, Y, Z stand here for the three linear axes of the Universal Kinematics in the order of their definition in the parameter trafo[].axis[] (P-CHAN-00293) is inactive.

The matrix is defined in trafo[].linkage[0-2][0-2]. The first index specifies the line number; the second index specifies the column number; both are 0-based.

The offset vector is defined in trafo[].linkage[0-2][3].
If the matrix is not invertible, the error ID 292010 is output.

For configuration example, see [FCT-C27// Transformation between axis values and Cartesian coordinates].


trafo[j].linkage[k][l] where k = 0, 1, 2 and l = 0, 1, 2, 3

kin_step[i].trafo[j].linkage[k][l] (multistep transformations)

kinematik[91].linkage[k][l] (up to Build V2.11.28xx)

Data type


Data range



for the matrix: ----

for the offset vector: 0.1 µm

Default value