User-specific size of look-ahead buffer (P-CHAN-00653)


User-specific size of look-ahead buffer


This parameter permits the user-defined definition of the number of NC blocks in the look-ahead buffer.

This parameter is used only if P-CHAN-00650 Is set with FCT_LOOK_AHEAD_CUSTOM.


configuration.interpolator.number_blocks_lah *

Data type


Data range

0 ... 10000



Default value



Parameter is available as of the following Builds: V2.11.2040.04 ; V2.11.2810.02 ; V3.1.3079.17 ; V3.1.3107.10

As of Build V2.11.20 and higher, the default size of the look-ahead buffer is 70 blocks. As of Build V2.11.28 and higher, the default size is 120 blocks. As the size increases, the additional calculations make greater demands on the controller hardware.

As of Build V3.1.3067.07 the upper limit of the data range is 500 blocks.

If #SLOPE[TYPE=STEP] is used, the upper limit is 10000 blocks as of Build V3.1.3060.0.


* P-CHAN-00653 can be used in V2.11.20 and higher with configuration.interpolator.parameter for compatibility reasons.