Integral action time of PID controller (P-AXIS-00764)


Integral (I) action time of the PID controller


This parameter weights the I component of the PID controller. The integral action time defines the time after which the P and I components of the manipulated variable are equal.

A large integral action time produces greater control stability. The shorter the integration action time, the greater the I component and the faster the control.

Disable the I component by i_tn = 0.



Data type


Data range

0.0 <= i_tn <= 50.0

Axis types

T, R


T: ----

R: ----

Default value


Drive types

SERCOS, Profidrive, CANopen


To begin with, it is advisable to select a high initial value for the integral action time setting (e.g. 5) to avoid instability in the control loop. You can then reduce the integral action time step by step to obtain the effect you require. If there are no permanent control deviations, do not use the I component at first.

This parameter is available as from Build 2809.06 or 3079.06.