Maximum number of table entries for plane compensation (P-COMP-00061)


Maximum number of table entries for plane compensation


This plane compensation parameter (FCT-C5) saves the memory space required for a particular number of table entries.


The size of the actually used compensation table is defined by `last_index:master1` (P-COMP-00010) and `last_index_master2` (P-COMP-00011)

and the following must apply:


(`last_index_master1` + 1) * (`last_index_master2` + 1) <= `max_points`


If  `max_points` is not specified (or assigned the value 0), the previous restrictions

apply to `last_index_master1` and `last_index_master2`.



Data type


Data range

0 <= P-COMP-00061

Axis types

T, R, S


T: ----

R,S: ----

Default value

10201 (*)


The parameter value can no longer be changed after start-up or after lists are reloaded. Otherwise error ID 110640 is output.


If P-COMP-00061 is not specified (or assigned the value 0), the default value is assigned to P-COMP-00061 for downward compatibility reasons. 

To avoid the default assignment, memory can be saved for an axis that does not use plane compensation by assigning the value 1 to P-COMP-00061.


* composition of the default value: 101*101 =10201

This parameter is available as of CNC Build V3.3079.06