Damped frequency (P-AXIS-00751)


Damped frequency


The parameter defines the frequency that is to be actively damped by the "Improved Position Control" function.

The middle frequency is specified for all modes P-AXIS-00753 for the band-pass frequency.

For the “INDIRECT” and SET_POINT modes, the simulation of the mechanical vibration is based on the same frequency.



Data type


Data range

0.0 < fg_f0 <= 500.0

Axis types

T, R, S


T: Hz

R, S: Hz

Default value


Drive types

SERCOS, Profidrive, CANopen


The "Improved Position Control" function achieves the best results when the dominant frequency of the mechanical vibration is precisely met. The measured frequency may deviate from the actual frequency due to measurement inaccuracies. In many cases, the performance of the function can be enhanced by varying the parameter fg_f0 within a narrow range.

Parameter available as of CNC Build V3.1.3077.08 and higher