Example of V.E. structures

This example explains by means of a V.E. List how to handle V.E. structures.


A position curve is given a name and contains a defined number of positions.

Each of these positions consists of X, Y, Z and a validity flag.

5 different curves are possible and each of these curves has a maximum of 12 points

Curve structure:

Position structure


# TC_CHANNEL_DESC_5: External variables


use_extended_string_var                        1

# ----Definition of structures -------

# -------Position curve structure -------


struct[0].name                                  typcurve

struct[0].element[0].name                       point

struct[0].element[0].type                       typ_pos

struct[0].element[0].array_elements             12

struct[0].element[1].name                       curve_name

struct[0].element[1].type                       STRING

#------- Spatial position structure -------

struct[1].name                                  typ_pos

struct[1].element[0].name                       X

struct[1].element[0].type                       REAL64

struct[1].element[1].name                       Y

struct[1].element[1].type                       REAL64

struct[1].element[2].name                       Z

struct[1].element[2].type                       REAL64

struct[1].element[3].name                       pos_is_valid

struct[1].element[3].type                       BOOLEAN


#------- Variables -------

number_used_variables                         1


var[0].name                                   curve

var[0].type                                   typcurve

var[0].scope                                  GLOBAL

var[0].synchronisation                        FALSE

var[0].access_rights                          READ_WRITE

var[0].array_size                             5





The entry of structures and variables is case-sensitive.

If the type with string is specified for the data type instead of STRING, the error P-ERR-21441 is output.

The applicable data types are listed in the parameter P-EXTV-00003.



On the structures used are checked for correct syntax.

The check is executed at controller start-up.

(assignment of a point from the NC program


N020 V.E.curve[0].point[2].X=11

N030 V.E.curve[0].point[2].Y=22

N040 V.E.curve[0].point[2].Z=33

N080 M30