The “Delete distance to go” function interrupts the actual path motion and starts a short cut by straight line to the target position of next block. The distance to go of the current (interrupted) block is then deleted.

The operator commands motion interruption via the PLC.


If the interrupted block was executed in rapid traverse(G00), the short cut is also executed in rapid traverse. Otherwise, the short cut is executed with G01 at the programmed feed rate of the next block. The interruption can also be started during a circular motion (G02/G03). In general, a short cut is always executed as a linear motion.

Path-influencing functions (G61, spline, #HSC, etc.) are not considered in the short cut.


If the delete distance to go only contains one block, a command from the PLC is sufficient. There is no need for an explicit NC command.

Deleting distance to go can contain multiple blocks. Therefore the marker denoting the end of distance to go can be set beforehand in the NC program using the NC command #DEL DIST2GO [...].


The P-STUP-00033 function must be parameterised in order to use it.