“Universal kinematics” has the ID91 and is a kinematic transformation.

Free configurability makes it possible to create new kinematic transformations without having to extend the ISG kinematics library ([KITRA]).


The kinematic is not based on a special machine. However, the free configurability function permits the simulation of machines that are describable by a kinematic chain (serial kinematics).

They include conventional 5-axis machines (CA machine, 45° BA machine, etc.), but 3 and 4-axis machines are also possible.


Parameterisation is dependent on machine structure and is therefore highly individual. This is described in detail in the section “Configuring the kinematics”.

The programming mode is set via the channel parameter P-CHAN-00112 or via the kinematic itself. A setting on the kinematic has priority over P-CHAN-00112.


A distinction is made between 2 programming modes:

  1. Point-vector programming
  2. Angle programming (conventional, compliant and direct)



Transformations are additional options and subject to the purchase of a license.