Temporary transition to the machine coordinate system (#MCS ON/OFF)



It is not included in the scope of the standard license. The use of this feature requires a license for the "Transformations” extension package.

The MCS functionality temporarily deactivates the active kinematics and/or Cartesian transformation as well as all offsets included in the axes in order to position machine axes directly. After leaving the MCS, the state before selection is restored.

For example, a tool change often requires the approach to a defined tool change position with known machine origin coordinates. Approaching this machine position may pose a problem in the CS since the CS axes are positioned by the NC program.

#MCS ON [ EX TOOL ]                   Activate temporary transition to MCS                          (modal)

#MCS OFF                                      Deactivate temporary transition to MCS                      (modal)


A tool change in the MCS does not include tool offsets in order to permit direct positioning of the machine axes. This only takes place with #MCS OFF.

The MCS has no restrictions regarding use of NC functionality. However, it is not possible to select RTCP/TLC , CS, ACS or ECS.

In addition, programmed offsets are only valid in the MCS until they are deselected and are not stored.

When the axis configuration is changed by external axis exchange (e.g. #CALL AX..) in the MCS, it must be noted that a definite axis configuration is required to reactivate kinematic and/or Cartesian transformation.

Programing Example


Temporary transition to the machine axis coordinate system (MCS)


N20 #CS ON[1.5,0,32,14.5,0,45]     (Activate a CS)

N30 G01 G90 F5000

N40 X0 Y0 Z0

N50 #MCS ON EX TOOL     (Transition to the machine CS with the option)
                        (EX TOOL’ - Tool is only included)
                        (with MCS OFF)

N60 LL WERKZWECHSEL     (Subroutine call for tool change)


N70 #MCS OFF            (Deactivate MCS, RTCP and CS are)


N110 #CS OFF

N400 M30