MC_MoveVelocity command

MC_MoveVelocity commands an endless motion at the specified velocity. The motion is always executed jerk-limited at the constant set in "Jerk”. This value is valid for both "Acceleration" and "Deceleration".

If the optional parameters “Acceleration", "Deceleration” and “Jerk” are not specified or set to ≤ 0, the dynamic values are taken from the corresponding axis list.

To stop the motion, the command must be interrupted by another command that sends a new command to the axis.

In conjunction with an MC_MoveSuperImposed command, the "InVelocity" output remains TRUE.

Optionally, the program can wait for the job to end (“WaitSyn” keyword) or can assign a Job ID (“Id” keyword) for later synchronisation.

Syntax of the NC command:

<axis_name>[ MC_MoveVelocity Velocity=.. [Acceleration=..] [Deceleration=..]
                       [Jerk=..] Direction=.. [Id=..] [WaitSyn] { \ } ]

Block diagram of the function block in PLCopen:

Input pin



[1 µm/s or 10-3 °/s]


[1 mm/s2 or 1°/s2]


[1 mm/s2 or 1°/s2]


[1 mm/s3 or 1°/s3]


1 positive direction

3 negative direction

4 current direction

Programing Example


MC_MoveVelocity command

S[MC_MoveVelocity Velocity=1333 Acceleration=770 Deceleration=880 \

Jerk=10000 Direction=1]