Releasing/requesting spindle axes (PUTAX/CALLAX)

Release Note


The availability of this function depends on the configuration and the scope of the version.

These commands can be used to program the release or call of the spindle axis spindle-specific. The commands may not be used simultaneously with other spindle-specific commands.

Programing Example



(Move axis as spindle)


N20  M03 S1000

N30  G04 X2

N40  M05

(Exchange axis from spindle interpolator in channel)


N60  #CALL AX[ C, 4, 3]

(Drive axis in channel)

N70  X10 Y20 Z30 C40

N80  X-10 Y-20 Z-30 C--40

(Exchange axis from channel in spindle interpolator)

N90  #PUT AX[C]


(Move axis again as spindle)

N110 M04 S1000

N120 G04 X2

N130 M05

N140 M30

Programing Example


Programming multiple spindles:


N10 S[CALLAX] S2[CALLAX] S3[PUTAX] (S, S2 call their axes,

                                   (S3 releases its axis)

N20 S[M3 REV200] S2[G74)           (S rotates cw at 200 rpm),

                                   (S2 is homing)

N30 S3[ M4 REV3000]       (Error, S3 currently has no axis)

N40 S[PUTAX REV400)       (Error, PUTAX may not be programmed alone)