Gear change (G112)

G112 <spindle_name><expr>                                                                                         (non-modal)


Gear change


Gear data record consisting of the spindle name as described in the decoder parameter list and number of the data record

As opposed to gear changing via M40-45 in which the mechanical gear change operation is also performed implicitly, programming G112 together with the S word only triggers the update of the spindle gear data (dynamic values) of one step.

The user must explicitly program the mechanical changing of the correct gear stage, e.g. by self-defined M functions or as mentioned above using M40-45.



The spindle must be at standstill before gear data record is changed. This can be achieved in the previous NC block by programming a spindle stop (M5) or a spindle positioning (M19…)

Programing Example


Gear change (G112)


N010 G112 S2   (Load dynamic data of gear stage 2 for spindle "S”)

N020 M3 S9000

N030 M5        (Stop spindle)

N040 G112 S1   (Load dynamic data of gear stage 1 for spindle "S”)

N050 M4 S8000

N060 M30