Perpendicular selection/deselection of TRC (G237)

If the perpendicular mode of selection and deselection is used, there are no restrictions concerning the sequence of blocks as for the direct or indirect selection and deselection mode.

It is also possible to activate TRC for single blocks.

When perpendicular TRC is selected, a block is added running orthogonally to the programmed path. This block is output before the first motion block and represents the distance (tool radius) of the compensated path relative to the programmed path.

When TRC with the perpendicular mode is deselected, a block is added after the deselection block and runs orthogonally to the programmed path. This motion block reverses the distance generated to the programmed path.

Programing Example


Perpendicular selection and deselection (G237) of TRC

N10 G00 X0 Y0 Z0 G17

N20 X10Y10

N30 V.G.WZ_AKT.R=5      (Tool radius)

N40 G237                (perpendicular selection activated)

; Corrected path

N50 G42                 (Select TRC right)

N60 G03 X60Y60J50F1000

N70 G01 Y100

N80 G03 X10Y150J50

N90 G40                 (Deselect TRC)

; Presentation of the original contour

N100 G00 X0Y0

N110 X10Y10

N120 G03 X60Y60J50F1000

N130 G01 Y100

N140 G03 X10Y150J50

N150 G00 X0Y0

N999 M30

Contour example with G237
Contour example with G237