Tool change with active synchronous mode (#FREE TOOL CHANGE)

For security reasons, it is generally not permitted to adopt new tool data (T (with implicit D), D or #TOOL DATA) in synchronous mode. This is indicated by error message 20169. Locking can be switched by the following NC command:

#FREE TOOL CHANGE ON | OFF                                                                                        (modal)

At the latest, the NC command must be programmed before the first tool change selected in active synchronous mode. The synchronous mode lock is disabled by the keyword "ON”.

Locking of synchronous mode and tool change are re-enabled by the keyword "OFF". In addition, the NC command is deselected at RESET and implicitly at the end of the main program.

At program start, locking of synchronous mode and tool change is always active for compatibility and security reasons (default).



If the channel parameter P-CHAN-00100 (move_tool_offsets_directly) is active at the same time, the error message 20169 continues to be generated since the immediate exiting of tool offsets in the slave axes could lead to machine damage when synchronous mode is active. This means that when #FREE TOOL CHANGE is used, P-CHAN-00100 should be deactivated.

Programing Example


Tool change with active synchronous mode


N05 X0 Y0 Z0 C100 G53 D0

N10 #AX LINK [1,C=X]


N20 #AX LINK ON [1]

N30 X100 Y50 Z30

N40 D2

N50 X200 Y75 Z40

N60 D1

N65 X300 Y100

N70 #AX LINK OFF [1]


N70 X25 Y25 Z25 C25

N80 M30