Saving a current configuration (#SAVE CONFIG)

#SAVE CONFIG [ [ AX ] [ AXLINK ] ]                                                                             (modal)


Save the current axis configuration in the NC channel.


Save the current axis couplings selected in the NC channel. Couplings that were previously saved are deleted when AXLINK is programmed although no couplings are active.

The command #SAVE CONFIG is usually always used in the NC program after operations which cause a change in axis configuration or in the activation of axis couplings. For example, after an axis exchange command or after a command to select synchronous mode.

During the save operation, configuration data is sent from the decoder over the NC channel to the interpolator. The interpolator then sends this data directly back to the decoder where it is saved internally. This operation ensures that the current configuration of axes and axis couplings is stored in the decoder synchronously with the current processing state.

Programing Example


Saving a current configuration


N10 X0 Y0 Z0

N15 #AX REQUEST [C,4,5] [B,5,6]

N20 #AX LINK [1, C=X, B=Y]

N25 #AX LINK [2, B=X]

N30 #AX LINK ON [1]

N35 #SAVE CONFIG [AX AXLINK]  Save axis configuration X,Y,Z,B,C

                              and the active coupling group 1

N.. X.. Y.. Z..



N220 #SAVE CONFIG [AX]  Save new axis configuration X,Y,Z,B.

                        The previously saved axis configuration

                        from block N35 is overwritten!

N.. X.. Y.. Z..

N99 M30



A saved configuration remains stored program global. It can only be overwritten by subsequent #SAVE CONFIG commands or deleted by #CLEAR CONFIG.