Request current command positions of axes and file to variables or parameters (#GET CMDPOS)

Release Note


As of Build V2.11.2010.02 replaces the command #GET CMDPOS [...] the command #SET IPO SOLLPOS [...]. For compatibility reasons, this command is still available but it recommended not to use it in new NC programs.

#GET CMDPOS [ V.S.<string> | V.P <string> | V.L<string> | P<expr> = <axis name>

                           { ,V.S. <string> | V.P <string> | V.L<string> | P<expr> = <axis_name> } ]

The NC program interpreter requests the interpolator for the current command positions of the specified path axes and files them to the specified self-defined variables (V.S./ V.P./ V.L.) or parameters (P..). This is no implicit position initialisation of the NC channel. Any manual mode offsets of the selected axes in the interpolator are not deleted. The variables V.A.ABS and V.A.MANUAL_OFFSETS are not updated.

Programing Example




#GET CMDPOS [P1 = X, P2 = Y, V.P.POS1 = Z, V.P.POS2 = C]

G01 XP1 YP2