Weighting of maximum velocity (G127/ G128)


G127 <axis_name>..
           { <axis_name>.. }

Axis-specific weighting of maximum velocity: weighting for specific axes in [%]    [as of V2.11.2808.14]



Axis group-specific weighting of maximum velocity. Weighting for all axes in [%].


Using the G127/G128 function it is possible to change the maximum velocity.

The maximum velocity can be influenced by a percentage change in the associated velocity characteristic value.

If programming takes place with G127/G128, all axes which are not programmed or not yet programmed are set to 100%. Each further selection of this function, irrespective of the previous programs, signifies 100%. This means, the geometrical data processing always weights the default value P-AXIS-00212 with the percentage value.

Therefore, 50% programmed twice in succession means the setting is made to 50% and not to 25%.



Feed weighting at maximum velocity does not act on single axis motions e.g. homing, manual mode or independent axes.



If G127/G128 > 100% the maximum velocity is limited to the MAX value P-AXIS-00212.

If G127/ G128 = 0, the maximum velocity is limited to the minimum value 1µm/s.

Programing Example


Weighting of maximum velocity (G127/ G128)

N10 G127 X70 Y60

;Axis-specific weighting of vb_max

;vb_max of X axis is restricted to 70%

;vb_max of Y axis is restricted to 60%

N20 G128 = 100

;Axis group-specific weighting of vb_max

;vb_max of all axes to 100%

Special feature:

N20 G128 = 100 X10 Y20

;Using G128, axis positions

; can also be programmed within the same block!