Selecting/deselecting TRC contour masking (G140/G141)

G140                         Deselecting contour masking                                     (modal, initial state)

G141                         Selecting contour masking                                     (modal)

If a rough-machining operation with a large diameter tool is executed before finishing, there is a danger of contour violation if single contour elements have smaller dimensions than that of the tool geometry. In order to move along contiguous contour objects, it is possible to mask certain contour elements if violations are detected by using G140/G141 when TRC is active and then to process the following contour to avoid damaging it.

No error message is output if contour masking is still selected at program end. At program start the initial state G140 is active.



Contour masking remains selected if tool radius compensation is deactivated by G40 and is re-activated when tool radius compensation is reselected.

Masking of N20 to avoid contour violation.
Masking of N20 to avoid contour violation.