Additional implicit calls with G8xx (P-CHAN-00187)


Additional implicit calls with G8xx


As an extension to the implicit call of subroutines with G80-G89, the indexed parameter ‘g800_prog_file[i]' offers the possibility of defining a further 20 or 40** names of global subroutines which are called implicitly if G800-G819** is detected in the NC program. A G800-G819** is always executed as the last action at block end.

If the related parameter is not assigned or not present in the channel parameter list, the error message P-ERR-20131 'Unknown G function’ is generated if G800 - G819** is programmed.

The subroutine name defined by the channel parameter can also be overwritten or temporarily assigned by the command #FILE NAME [G8xx=“<prog_name>“]. The new subroutine name is then valid until program end M30 or up to the next #FILE NAME [G8xx=“<prog_name>“].

After RESET or program start, the entries of 'g800_prog_file[i]' in the channel parameters list apply again.


g800_prog_file[i] where i = 0…19 or 0 ... 39**

Data type


Data range

Maximum of 83 characters (application-specific)



Default value



Parameterisation example:

g800_prog_file[0] (subroutine name with G800)

g800_prog_file[1] (subroutine name with G801)

g800_prog_file[19] (subroutine name with G819)

g800_prog_file[39] (subroutine name with G839)

* Note: The default value of variables is a blank string.

** As of Version V3.1.3079.23 40 implicit calls (G800 – G839) are available.