Including jerk in the polynomial (P-CHAN-00110)


Including jerk in the polynomial


The curvature of the programmed contour (polynomial) results in an axis jerk. If the value is 1 or 3, this jerk is monitored together with the axis-specific dynamic parameters of the geometrical ramp time (P-AXIS-00199).

In addition, an active kinematic compensation movement is included when value 3 is in the polynomial.

If the value is 2, the ramp times P-AXIS-00195P-AXIS-00198 are used for jerk monitoring.

If a relatively small maximum jerk is specified in the axis, the velocity on the path is reduced accordingly. If this reduction is not wanted for technological reasons, these parameters suppress jerk monitoring in polynomials.



Data type


Data range

0: No jerk limiting in the polynomial.

1: Jerk limiting in the polynomial based on P-AXIS-00199 (default).

2: Jerk limiting in the polynomial based on the maximum of P-AXIS-00195, P-AXIS-00196, P-AXIS-00197, P-AXIS-00198.

3: As for value 1 and in addition polynomials in combination with kinematic compensation movement.



Default value