Select default kinematic types for multi-step transformations (P-CHAN-00264)


Select default kinematic types for multi-step transformations


A default kinematic ID can be defined for each transformation step. This is valid after the controller is started. The default kinematics must be configured in each of the transformation steps; otherwise an error message is output when the transformations (#TRAFO...) are selected.


default_id_of_kin_step[i] where i = 0, 1

Data type


Data range

0 ... MAX(UNS16)



Default value

0 for i = 0, 1


Parameterisation example:
After the controller is started, the kinematics are valid where ID 87 applies to the first (..step[0]) and ID 51 to the second (..step[1]) transformation step.

default_id_of_kin_step[0] 87

default_id_of_kin_step[1] 51


The definition of the first default kinematic can be set either with default_id_of_kin_step[0] or in the previous syntax with kinematik_id . This is especially useful for the exclusive definition of single-step transformations.

For more details on machine kinematics and 5-axis machining, see [KITRA] and [PROG].