Default feed axis (P-CHAN-00011)


Assign an axis to the default feed group


This parameter defines which axes form the default feed group (effect of the F word). If no feed axes are defined, all the main axes automatically form the channel feed group (index 1, 2, 3) after start-up. The effectiveness of this setting is defined by the parameter P-CHAN-00096 .

Feed axes are freely definable with linear interpolation. Parameterisation is restricted with circular interpolation and polynomial interpolation:

With circular interpolation either all the main axes must be defined as feed axes or all defined feed axes must be tracked axes.

With polynomial interpolation only the main axes may be feed axes.



Data type


Data range

0: Axis not in feed group

1: Axis in feed group



Default value



With multi-channel applications which have gaps in the configuration in the channel-specific main axis groups on start-up (e.g. index 0 -> X, index 1 -> - index 2 -> Z), it is recommended not to assign or comment the channel parameter P-CHAN-00011 in the channel axes. In this case any axis can be changed into a main axis and a complete feed axis group can be created. In other cases all changed axes are treated as tracked axes.