Influence on acceleration (P-CHAN-00170)


Influence of override on acceleration


This parameter defines that the feed override also influences path acceleration.

If the parameter is set to 1, the path acceleration is influenced up to a minimum value of 10% of the override value, i.e. the path dynamics decrease as the override value decreases (motions become 'softer’).

Acceleration is changed by the square of the override speed factor. An override value of 50% therefore results in an acceleration weighting factor of 0.25.

The influence acts on feed and rapid traverse blocks. If necessary, acceleration is limited as values become higher for override changes in dynamic movement phases. With non-linear profiles and short ramp times, limiting must consider the ratio of the cycle time to the ramp time.


If the parameter is set to 0, the value of the feed override has no influence on path acceleration.



Data type


Data range

0: An override change does not cause a change in path acceleration.

1: Besides producing a change in the path feed rate, an override change also causes a change in path acceleration.



Default value



Active acceleration with feedhold is not changed.



The function is not active with an active rapid traversing interface according to P-CHAN-00181.

Feed profile for override_weight_acc = 1 and override change
Feed profile for override_weight_acc = 1 and override change



When this parameter is set, direct weighting of path acceleration via the PLC acceleration override interface is inactive.