Axis-specific M functions (P-CHAN-00039)


Axis-specific M functions


User-specific M functions programmed in DIN syntax are processed and executed channel-specific.

If the user forces axis-specific processing for specific M functions, it is possible to configure them using this parameter so that they have an axis-specific effect. An axis name can be assigned to each M function on which it should act. Both path axes and spindle axes are permissible.


m_default_outp_ax_name[i] where i = 0 ... 999 (maximum number of M functions,

Data type


Data range

Maximum 16 characters (length of axis name, application-specific)



Default value



Parameterisation example:

The user-specific M function M10 is to act on the Z axis when programmed in the DIN syntax.

The user-specific M function M11 is act on the S2 spindle when programmed in the DIN syntax

m_default_outp_ax_name[10]     Z

m_default_outp_ax_name[11]     S2

* Note: The default value of variables is a blank string.