Path or time-related pre-output of M functions (P-CHAN-00070)


Path or time-related pre-output of M functions


This parameter is used in connection with M functions

  • of synchronisation types MET_SVS, MET_MOS and MEP_SVS, MEP_MOS. The lead time is specified for MET_SVS, MET_MOS and the lead distance for the MEP_SVS or MEP_MOS type.
  • of synchronisation types MOS, MVS_SVS, MVS_SNS, MNS_SNS, MOS_TS and the ‘microjoints’ function which requires a separate license (see [FCT-C1]). Path-related parameters make sense here.

The field index 'i' defines the number of associated M functions. The value of m_pre_outp[i] defines the path and time-related output point before actual processing of the M function on the path.


m_pre_outp[i] where i = 0 999 (maximum number of M functions, application-specific)

Data type


Data range

0 ... MAX(UNS32)


0.1 µm or µs

Default value



The pre-output value can also be defined in the NC program [PROG//section V.G. variables].


If one of these synchronisation types is later changed into one which requires no pre-output value, P-CHAN-00070 (m_pre_outp[i]) must be assigned to 0. Otherwise, a license error is generated in case of microjoints if this function is not licensed or not enabled (see P-CHAN-00600 alternatively P-STUP-00060).

Parameterisation example:

The user-specific M functions M96 and M98 must be output to the SPS 10 mm before reaching the synchronisation position in the block sequence.

The user-specific M functions M97 and M99 to SPS must be output 40 milliseconds before reaching the time of synchronisation in the block sequence.


# Definition of M functions and synchronisation types

# ============================================

m_synch[96]                           0x01000000    MEP_SVS

m_synch[97]                           0x02000000    MET_SVS

m_synch[98]                           0x00100000    MEP_MOS

m_synch[99]                           0x00200000    MET_MOS


# Definition of pre-output path, pre-output time


m_pre_outp[96]                      100000    in 0.1µm

m_pre_outp[97]                        40000    in µs

m_pre_outp[98]                      100000    in 0.1µm

m_pre_outp[99]                       40000     in µs