Filter - time constant (P-AXIS-00357)


Time constant of axis specific command value filter


- Application for standard filters:

The parameter defines the time constants of the PT1, PT2 and time delay filters.

- Application with HSC filters:

Filter order in µs [alternative to parameter P-AXIS-00140 The value time_constant is only used if P-AXIS-00140 is not configured or has the value 0. If time_constant < NC cycle time, the filter is not active unless the parameter order P-AXIS-00140 has a valid value which is then used in this case.

With HSC NoVib, the order is calculated internally but an order > 0 is required, otherwise the filter is not active.



Data type


Data range

- Standard filters:

For PT1 / PT2 filters: TAb ≤ P-AXIS-00357 ≤ MAX(UNS32)

For time delay filters: 0 ≤ P-AXIS-00357 < 6 * TAb

(where TAb is NC cycle time in s)

- HSC filters:

TAb < P-AXIS-00357 < 200 * TAb

(where TAb is NC cycle time in µs)

Axis types

T, R, S


T: µs

R,S: µs

Default value


Drive types