Methods for measurement simulation (P-AXIS-00112)


Methods for measurement simulation


This parameter defines the method that is used to calculate the measurement signal point. The measurement signal point is the position when the measurement signal is output.

The value in P-AXIS-00145 must be specified depending on the measuring method selected.

With measuring method 1, the axis position is assigned to P-AXIS-00145.



Data type


Data range

1: Measurement signal is generated after reaching or crossing a predefined axis position. (interpretation mode: axis position *)

2: Measurement signal is generated after a defined number of CNC cycles. (interpretation mode: time *)

3: Measurement signal is triggered as soon as the percentage residual path of the axis in the measuring block is less than the set value. (interpretation mode: part distance *)

4: Measurement signal is generated if all axes have reached the target position. (interpretation mode: path position)

5: Measurement signal is generated if one of the axes has reached the target position. In contrast to mode 4 the signal is set immediately if any of the programmed measurement axes is already placed on the target position. (interpretation mode: path position)

6: Measuring signal is set if a geometric object (e.g. sphere) is probed. For a detailed description of the object, see P-AXIS-00145. (interpretation mode: geometry**)

Axis types

T, R, S


T: ----

R,S: ----

Default value


drive types.



* In addition, the parameter P-AXIS-00145 must be set for the modes 1, 2, 3.

** In addition, the parameters P-AXIS-00145 to P-AXIS-00148 must be set for Mode 6.