Integration in NC boot-up

The configuration of the external variables is declared to each NC-channel separately by means of an ASCII list. For each channel, a file name is specified in the system’s central boot description, and this file name defines the configuration of the external variables of this channel.

Example: Extract from the start-up description for two channels

// --------------------------------------

# Configuration data lists

// --------------------------------------


Listen                           ASCII

default_sda_mds                  ..\listen\default_sda.lis

hand_mds                         ..\listen\hand_mds.lis

rtconf_lis                       ..\listen\rtconf.lis


sda_mds[0]                       ..\listen\sda_mds1.lis

werkz_data[0]                    ..\listen\werkz_d1.lis

nullp_data[0]                    ..\listen\nullp_d1.lis

pzv_data[0]                      ..\listen\pzv_d1.lis

ve_var[0]                        ..\lists\ext_var1.lis

hmi[0].objects                   default

channel[0].objects               default


sda_mds[1]                       ..\listen\sda_mds2.lis

werkz_data[1]                    ..\listen\werkz_d2.lis

nullp_data[1]                    ..\listen\nullp_d2.lis

pzv_data[1]                      ..\listen\pzv_d2.lis

ve_var[1]                        ..\lists\ext_var2.lis

hmi[1].objects                   default

channel[1].objects               default