"In order to ensure the efficient ramp-up of our production lines, we amongst other things rely on the virtual commissioning of complex plants and production processes. Furthermore, virtual commissioning provides the possibility to efficiently - within a few days - integrate software-intensive changes without subsequent production losses during the operating phase. The efficient use of virtual commissioning requires a flexible simulation tool with open interfaces as well as a vast component library in order to reduce the modelling time. In addition, it is indispensable to adjust the process of plant development to the requirements of virtual commissioning. Only then, its potential can be fully exhausted."

Dr. William Tekouo, D-Lab Manager Virtual Commissioning (VIBN) project manager TA, BMW Group

"The only answer to long changeover times is a plant technology that can be established in short time and that can easily handle variant diversity and small lot sizes. At HEITEC we rely on the virtual machine and virtual commissioning with the simulation system ISG-virtuos which has it both: plant and machine simulation as well as 3D visualization in realtime."

Harald Preiml, Vorstand, HEITEC AG

"The concept of "simulation-based engineering" convinces us. We are for example now able to - already during the development phase - set fixed data which we in the further process only need to adjust. Furthermore, thanks to the modular system, the always re-useable modules and the great variety of test functions, we were able to decisively simplify and accelerate many of our processes - especially the commissioning of our plants."

Ludwig Albrecht, Basic R&D, HOMAG Group AG