Maximum Benefit for Your Digital Transformation: The EPLAN Partner Network (EPN)

In times of digital transformation, in which cloud solutions are playing an increasingly decisive role, it is becoming more and more important for providers to coordinate integrations across companies.

The new partner network established by EPLAN Software & Service GmbH & Co. KG at the end of 2020, bundles the know-how of cooperation partners worldwide with a view to increasing customer benefits. The EPN defines binding common goals for the further development of integrations along the value chain. Users benefit from this increased consistency, particularly in the areas of PLM, ERP, PLC and simulation. The intensive exchange between manufacturers makes it easier for customers to integrate the large number of systems used on the market.

ISG-virtuos - EPLAN Electric P8 integration

We have set ourselves the goal of jointly developing the integration between ISG-virtuos and EPLAN Electric P8 in the Partner Network. With this integration, data will be exchanged bidirectionally between electrical engineering and virtual commissioning platform in the future. The function of EPLAN Electric P8 and ISG-virtuos is the consistent transfer of master data and transactional / project-related data similar to ERP connectors. This includes, for example, technical data of sensors, actuators and control components in the systems (e.g. stroke range for cylinders, process temperature for fluid sensors) as well as positioning information, PLC address lists and more. With the bidirectional connector, data can be imported or exported to both worlds. In the future, relevant data can be easily exchanged between the different workstations of electrical engineers and simulation engineers. Both can then freely determine when to use the data from the other discipline and make it available to the other. This enables the controlled exchange of information.

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