ISG-virtuos for education - Foundation of the cooperative MechTrain (in the course of formation)

On April 14, 2014 the inaugural meeting of MechTrain (in the course of formation) took place.

Founding members are professors Kayser (University of Esslingen), Röck (University of Aalen), Möller (University of Albstadt Sigmaringen), Pritschow und Dr. Lechler (ISW, University of Stuttgart).

Goals of the cooperative are:

  • Providing a platform for the practical experience exchange between teachers and/or students
  • Exchange of information and training material (scripts, laboratory tutorials, simulation models etc.)
  • Reasonable provision of commercial simulation tools and infrastructure for the members

As a sponsor, ISG provides the cooperative with the industrial realtime simulation platform ISG-virtuos including professional support free of charge. 

Find more information on the website of the cooperative: