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Contact persons ISG-kernel

Division manager and authorized representative
Dipl.-Ing. Roland Beeh

Area of expertise: Basic development ISG-kernel, TwinCAT CNC, KUKA.CNC, ...

Roland Beeh started working for ISG directly after completing his studies in electrical engineering at Stuttgart university in 1990. Thanks to his successful projects and developments he soon made a good name for himself and first took over responsibility for the co-operation with HOMAG AG. Since 2004 he is responsible for all develoments around ISG-kernel and is your contact person for present co-operations.

Deputy division manager
Dipl.-Ing. Klaus Maier

Area of expertise: CNC architecture, connection to RT operating system, middle ware, TwinCAT CNC, ...

Klaus Maier studied mechanical engineering at Stuttgart university and started working at ISG in 1992. Apart from being in charge for various clients, he is responsible for Bystronic and deputy division manager ISG-kernel.

Project manager Robotics
Dipl.-Ing. Jürgen Hipp

Area of expertise: KUKA.CNC / KUKA.MCFB, robotics in general, PLCopen motion control, ...

Jürgen Hipp studied mechanical engineering at Stuttgart university and started working at ISG in 1995. After developping in the ISG-kernel environment (e.g. interpreter and drive interfaces) he took over the project management for various CNC clients and publicly promoted projects. Today, he is responsible for KUKA (CNC and MC) and actively involved in the PLCopen task force motion control.

Contact persons ISG-virtuos

Division manager and authorized representative
Dipl.-Ing. Ulrich Eger

Area of expertise: realtime simulation, digital twins, virtual implemementation, material flow simulation, multi-body simulation, 64 Bit simulation, 64 Bit 3D visualization, ...

After studying electrical engineering at Stuttgart university, Ulrich Eger strengthened the ISG founding team in june 1988. With tireless commitment he was in charge for the ISG-kernel developments during the first 16 years. In 2004 his technical and organisational concept for the development of ISG-virtuos convinced everyone involved.

Business manager simulation technology, Consulting
Dr.-Ing. Christian Daniel

Area of expertise: Sustainable optimization of engineering and production processes, significant cost reductions with the help of simulation technology and configuration management, ...

Christian Daniel enthusiastically passes on his longterm management experience in plant and mechanical engineering and his success in strategic company enhancements to decision makers in different industrial sectors. In close cooperation with our clients he works on innovative solutions in organization and technology and supports them until the project is successfully completed. 

Managing partner
Dr.-Ing. Christian Scheifele

Area of expertise: Simulation approaches and models for digital twins, virtual methods and tools within the life cycle of machines and plants, MBSE, simulations architectures (e.g. realtime co-simulation), innovation management, ...

Christian Scheifele is among other things responsible for the ISG simulation technology. After studying mechatronics and subsequently obtaining a doctorate in engineering at Stuttgart University on the topic of "Platform for real-time co-simulation for virtual commissioning", Christian Scheifele has been designing accompanying research and innovation projects at ISG since mid-2019, in addition to product development in the area of simulation technology.

Managing partner
Dr.-Ing. Stefan Scheifele

Area of expertise: Implementation and process management virtual commissioning, modular tool machines and production facilities, module-based engineering, automatic model generation, ...

After finishing his studies of „automation technology in production“, Stefan Scheifele worked as a research assistant in the research group „Virtual methods in production technology“ of the Institute for Control Engineering of Machine Tools and Manufacturing Units (ISW) at Stuttgart university.  Within the frame of his research and in close cooperation with a well-known provider of wood-working machines he specialized in the economic and automated engineering of Digital Twins for complex and module machines and installations for virtual commissioning.  At ISG, he is attending the growing ISG-virtuos users’ demand regarding the configuration of their development processes and the target-oriented implementation of virtual commissioning.

Head of Quality Assurance and Support Simulation Technology
Dipl.-Ing. Adrian Neyrinck

Fields of expertise: Realization of real-time simulations for Digital Twins, VIBN, HIL-/SIL-/MIL-technologies, application ISG-virtuos, automatic model generation, remote interfaces, ...

After studying automation engineering in production, Adrian Neyrinck worked as a research assistant in the research group Planning Systems and Engineering Methods of the ISW of Stuttgart university. At ISG he is responsible for quality assurance, software maintenance and support in the ISG-virtuos team. This area forms the bridge between users and technology development. With suitable processes and extensive automated test capacities we ensure the quality of our software and deliver it to our customers. In the support area, we provide our customers with fast and uncomplicated support via telephone hotline, mail and remote maintenance. In addition to application experts, we also have development capacities for rapid troubleshooting and incorporation of customer suggestions for improvement.

Contact person ISG-dirigent

Division manager ISG-dirigent
Dr.-Ing. Gerhard Krebser

Area of expertise: Sustainable optimization of engineering processes, significant quality increase and cost reduction thanks to test automation, simulation technologies and configuration management, ...

In a very committed way, Gerhard Krebser transmits his longtime experience regarding management in the field of mechanical engineering as well as successful development and construction of machine tools to our customers. He supports both decision-makers and employees in planning and implementing future-oriented solutions.

Contact person OEM clients

Division manager
Dipl.-Ing. Hannes Richter

Area of expertise: Development of innovative mechatronic automation solutions involving ISG products, ...

After studying mechanical engineering at Stuttgart university, Hannes Richter came to ISG in 1992. He worked in ISG-kernel development and project management for 14 years, in a final step as a specialist project leader.  Given his broad technological and organisational knowledge, he and his project team today offer suitable solutions for partners that do not only require ISG products but also an innovative generalist.